Hello and a very big welcome

Hi, my name is Jodie Aitken, I am a spiritual medium, holistic therapist and paranormal investigator based in Ruskington, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. I am a relaxed , friendly person, and genuinely want to help people. I love to empower and support people on either a holistic or spiritual basis. I specialise in working with Spirit, guiding others with their own spirtual development within the classes that I run.

I also enjoy the Holistic healing side of my work, both teaching and giving treatments. I have written many guided workshops which have inspired others and in some, offered a life changing experience.

Thank you for dropping by and having a look at my new site, I needed a new site as I had outgrown my old one!

Some of you will be clients I’ve seen in the past, (hello) coming to have a look at what is new, or being told go look at my site and give me feedback lol

Some might be new and maybe interested in receiving a reading from me, my one piece of advice is only have a reading with me or anyone else if you feel drawn to us and the things we write on our sites

Some will be other mediums coming to check out my site, your all most welcome but please don’t pinch any of my words, as that is unfair and un-profession, every word I write here has come from your own thoughts unless otherwise states on the page!

Anyway I’m diversifying…

There are a lot of Mediums and Psychics out in the big wide world and unfortunately not all of them are naturally gifted, but those of us that are will never fortune tell, or tell you what to do but instead help guide you or confirm ideas that you have already been thinking about. you have your own free will and only you should be making your mind up on what direction you should go in

Experienced Psychics will be able to see into the future but should make it very clear that, it can all change by the second depending on your immediate actions

With mediumship readings you should be able to recognise the spirit communicator within the first five minutes, maybe its not always who your expecting so you need to keep your mind really open when we are explaining the information given, I have explained on another blog the different ways I work

If you do not understand anything or I find the information to nonspecific to validate them within the first 10 minutes then we both can say I will like to call an end to this reading with no charge, after this time I still charge you for my time, this hasn’t happened many times fortunately but it helps protect both of us

I do not want to waste your time or mine, if spirit will not blend strongly enough, I am professional enough to say i’m sorry but this isn’t working today. I will not waste anyone’s money as its hard earnt these days

So please take a look and feel free to ask any questions

Whatever the reason, I hope you find what you are looking for, and feel peaceful while reading my pages xxx

Many thanks Jodie xx